How to reduce costs?

There are many electronic products in the market still manufactured with an old design that everyody is satisfied ... until the emergence of major problems; some components become obsolete, a competitor launches a better and cheaper product, designers leave the company or, most often, the management decides to reduce the cost of the product.

What we do is, first of all we analyse the existing system and define a new architecture; select the appropriate processors, micro controllers, programmable logic devices, displays and some other bulky components. This operation usually reduces the quantity and the size of the boards as well as the price reduction. After all suitable manufacturing techniques are selected in order to optimise the cost of the assembly process and designed for testability and dedicated test beds are realised in order to guarantee the quality of the manufactured products and to optimise the test procedure.

It is also important to note that a cost reduction operation usually involves adding new functionalities to the original product, giving it new commercial arguments.

At the end of the design, we deliver not only a prototype, but also a complete documentation package. So our customers always keep the total control of their product and are in position to manufacture it independently from us...


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