What is EMC & Why is So Important?

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) is the ability of a system to operate in its environment without disturbing anything else in that environment, including itself. A system is said to be electromagnetically compatible if it does not cause interference with other systems; it is not susceptible to emissions from other systems, and

it does not cause interference with itself. Most technical products manufactured today have at least one electronic component.Many industries has seen a rapid rise in recent years in the number and complexity of these components. If the system is said to be incompatible unpredictable conditions may occur.

Design and development process must be done with care in order to sustain electromagnetic compatibility.

What we do is for EMC is we first analyze the system and determine the electromagnetic interaction between components and the product as a whole so we can design an appropriate layout. Then we determine the suspicious emission sources and select the appropriate products to suppress. With excellent experience we design and develop Printed Circuit Board (PCB), software, firmware, the cable harness and also the product case to supply all your EMC requirements, with a fast turnaround time.


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